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Congratulations and welcome to friends, family and others who have found something of interest in my blog. The reason that I have created this blog is to share some of my experiences regarding my own journey of writing and publishing my autobiography. I am really excited and motivated about this whole process. I hope that what I write about is interesting to you and thank you for your encouragement and support.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Releasing the anger and healing the pain

Hi Everyone.  What a glorious day and weather we had.  I hope you all took advantage and made the most of it.  Today I thought that I'd cover a bit about the biggest emotional stumbling block that I had in my life.  At the time I don't think that I actually knew what it was.  All I knew was the effects that it was having on my life.  Right through my teenage years I felt fine and my life was relatively smooth sailing.  I was just setting out on my journey of finding out more about who I was and where I was from - my identity.

When my son Jordan was born my life literally turned upside down.  You can read about this in full detail in my book and it certainly is eye opening, especially for new mum's.  I spent the next 5 years trying to work through all of those emotions, which really were not the result of Jordan being born, but they certainly were triggered when Jordan was born.  I know I felt so angry with the whole world.  I was full of hate and I blamed the government for removing me from my birth family and I was unconsciously grieving for the loss of my birth mother. 

Joan West - my birth-mother
I was hurting and had found no way of safely healing the pain.  So I turned the pain, anger, resentment and bitterness inwards and did what so many of us do, which is to punish and hurt ourselves.  Despite being loved, I choose to suffer from days of depression and I couldn't see any hope in the future.  It wasn't until I pushed everyone close to me out of my life that I came to the point of realizing that I needed to let go of the anger and unresolved grief and loss that I was feeling.  I knew that I had to go back and heal the past before I could even think about the future.  It was after much self-healing through counseling, self-development and personal growth work that I now can live fully in the present moment.

I found this lovely link about "Forgiveness and the freedom of letting go"  it's worth the time having a look.  


Peace and love 

Joy  :)


  1. what a journey you have been on! I kinda see some similarities between your experience and some of the young mums that I work with. a number of them have had very traumatic childhoods, a few removed from their mother's care, but it is not until they have their babies that everything seems to unravel. I'm so glad you found your way again.

  2. Thanks Jeni, please feel free to forward the link on to any of your young mums, perhaps they might get something out of my posts leading up to the launch of my book. :) The ultimate goal is to be running healing workshops that address many of these underlying issues. xoxox

  3. Carmel wrote:
    Joy I had no idea you had such an interesting childhood! It's a great read already xx

    Shirleen wrote:
    This is fantastic......a great teaser for the book, which I can't wait to see in print!!
    I look forward to following your journey:) xx
    Lorelle wrote:
    Very interesting & powerful. Enjoyed reading :)

    Debbie wrote:
    Thanks Joy ...love you XXXX

    Lou and Bob wrote:
    We are loving it. Good luck with everything.
    Love Bob and Lou

    Frances wrote:
    Quick glance and love it already Joy

    Kerrynne wrote:
    Thats terrific Joy. What a terrific journey you’ll be on. Will be watching with interest.

    Jody wrote:
    Started reading your blog....I found it very moving.

    Jasmine wrote:
    Wow Joy this is awesome! Good stuff :)

    Lorraine wrote:
    Love your blog! I am now following it and look forward to your next instalment.

    Victoria wrote:
    Thanks Joy, I will read with interest, it looks just great, Victoria

    Amy wrote:
    Thanks Joy. Your own book sounds fantastic and it's great to hear about your journey through the blog. :)

    Kemeri wrote:
    Kind of chokes me up thinking that just by committing yourself to writing your life story with humility and grace, you can and will have this kind of impact on others. You are truly well-suited to your destiny girl!!

    Simon wrote:
    I have had a quick look this morning and this is just wonderful. It is so inspiring to see someone moving forward after some of your life experience and your passion, you just keep on going. It is so great to see you doing this - well done.

    Ken wrote:
    The site is a beauty, loved the stories and pics. Can’t wait to read the book.

    Wendy wrote:
    I have begun to read your blog and found myself engulfed in your writing, so much so I can't hear the kids. I feel the need to shed a tear, I don't know why, I just do. You are inspirational and I am so glad I found a friend in you.

    Jens wrote:
    I'm impressed. I just had a look at your blog and am surprised by how openly you can talk about your life. That tells me that you have dealt a lot with your pain. Congratulations and welcome to life. , www.CreativeSpirits.info

    Tania wrote:
    Too deadly go meems

    Olga K wrote:
    A had tears in my eyes just reading your blog !!! Look forward to the book and I absolutely wish you every success.
    Wahid wrote:
    Thank you very much. I am keenly interested in what you will be experiencing during your journey.... You have an awesome name. Peace.

    Helen wrote:
    Joy this is so cool – thankyou for sharing all that you are

    Tom wrote:
    Thanks so much Joy for inviting me to read about your life – it’s a very brave thing to do this and I wish you all the best with the project.

    Cheryl wrote:
    Words cannot express the gratitude I feel at the moment that you have chosen to share this beautiful blog with me. I will be reading this with interest and look forward to when you release your book and purchasing it for my own enjoyment. The Youtube on forgiveness is definitely one that should be shared for everyone as I believe forgiveness is about healing the hurts. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Amanda wrote:

    "Wow Aunty Joy! I got tears in my eyes reading this. I feel exactly the same way as you once did. I can't wait to read your book :)"

  5. Anonymous wrote:
    The blog looks great well done you are obviously in a really happy place.

    Wendy wrote:
    Your blog is fantastic, thanks for openly sharing your life’s journey. I look forward to reading your blog and updates.

  6. Hello Joy,

    What a lovely person you truly are!

    I can't wait to show my mum your website.

    (PS: we did the Tandanya art exhibition together)

    I wish you the best,look forward to reading your posts and hope you are able to complete your autobiography.


  7. Hi Marika,

    Thanks for the lovely words. That sounds great if you can share this with your mum. Looking forward to catching up again soon. :)

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  9. Learn to flow like river, that's how to heal your anger
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