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Friday, February 17, 2012

In memory of my beautiful mum ~ Audrey Orwin

Yesterday we laid to rest my beautiful mum Audrey Orwin.  Today's post is just to try and capture and share some of the memories I have of mum and to honour her life.  

~ Eulogy ~
Audrey Orwin was born in 1940 in Maidstone, Kent, England to parents  Phillis & Herbert Collison.

Audrey was the 2nd eldest of 5 children.  Ken, Maureen, Rosemary and Jean.

Audrey was the proud, loving and devoted mother of 4 children, Katherine (Kate), Fenwick, Robert and Joy. 

Audrey was the best Nana in the world to Suzanne, Belinda, Kristy, Teneill, Narelle, Jordan, Jai and Violet and also a special Nana Audrey to Hunter. 

Audrey has 3 great-grandchildren whom she loved very dearly Lily-Rose, Billy and Ruby.

Audrey also always remembered & loved her interstate grandchildren especially on every birthday Alicia, Benjamin, Damien and Sarah and Aiden.

To Audrey, family was her life and gave her a purpose to live.  Audrey was never happier than when caring for someone else.  Audrey would always put others needs before her own and always only wanted to best for her children.

Audrey was the loving wife of Cecil and is now finally back in the arms of her life partner and best beloved, forever together.

Audrey was never one to have too many friends, but those that she did have all know that they were near and dear to her heart and many quality life time friendships were born. 

Audrey’s long time friends Janice and Bert, Annette and Vicki and Natasha, we know will miss Audrey immensely.

Audrey loved to travel she especially loved exploring much of Australia.  Audrey didn’t mind how she traveled but often preferred a long inter-state train ride, rather than a plane so as to happily take in the countryside.

Even though Audrey had dedicated her life to raising a family and did not get paid to do so, she was the hardest worker we’ve all known.  Audrey would always work until the job was done and then some more. 

Audrey was a strong willed, strong minded and at many times stubborn woman who would never take no for an answer.  When Audrey set her mind to a task it wasn’t a matter of if it would be done but more like when. 

As you would all know Audrey was a very talented individual in the area of knitting and crocheting and we have all worn many a warm wooly jumper or socks made with pure love from Audrey. 

In her younger years Audrey played softball and netball.  However later in life Audrey’s mad love of cricket, tennis, soccer, rugby & AFL would often end up in Audrey literally being tangled up in knots on the couch watching a nail biting match. 

Over the years Audrey donated many volunteer hours to the Lyell McEwin Hospital, particularly in the Childrens Creche, which is where her heart and soul felt most at home.  She loved this place of acceptance and will undoubtedly be sadly missed by the staff and volunteers. 

Audrey has never been a spend thrift, but one thing we know she could never walk past was a new “Sea horse” to add to her collection.  Often taking pride of place in her display cabinets and fridge door.

We all know that Audrey’s favorite colour was blue and her grandson Jordan recently painted her a dot painting, which he named the “River of Dreams”.  Audrey cherished this painting and found much meaning and peace in it. 

Audrey never loved the kitchen, but she was well renowned for her original unlike-any- other “Bread puddings”.  Her secret ingredient was without doubt LOVE!

Audrey had a love for a few things as mentioned, but most of all Audrey loved to talk….and talk…..and talk…..and talk some more.  As frustrating as it was at the time, I’m sure we will all miss her voice and daily tales.  Most of all we will miss her listening to us & being right by our sides in our times of need.  

Audrey has beyond doubt impacted on each and every one of our lives, some in a small way, but most in a way that will be hard to fill the gap.  Her love was as deep as an ocean and as tall as a mountain and all encompassing.   She will be sadly missed, but forever remembered and always loved. 

To the most Special lady, Mother, Nana and one-of-a-kind Friend in the world, travel safe on this new journey, til we met again.  Forever in our hearts!

~ Some of mum's favourite songs ~

Mario Lanza ~ Ava Maria

Nat King Cole ~ Unforgettable

Seekers ~ I'll never find another you

Love you Mum forever more. Travel well!  

Until we meet again.  xoxo


  1. Vale Audrey. Wonderful tribute, my friend. xxx

  2. Thank you Kylie. I think I will make Sherperd's Pie to throw around the kitchen tonight. lol! Remember that my friend. xoxo