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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take control!

So far my blog posts have related to a range of topics such as Releasing the Anger, Stolen Generations, National Apology, Reconcilliation, Forgiveness and Procrastination.

You will notice that all of these above things involve us “taking action,” us doing something, instead of us being done to!  They all involve us taking responsibility for our lives and our actions, whether they are positive or negative experiences.

Often when things go wrong in your life, it makes you feel better to lay the blame somewhere else, outside of yourself.  In many cases you can say that you had no control over the situation and you were helpless.  It wasn’t your fault
Blame gives you back a sense of power, convincing yourself that it was something outside of your control that made something else occur.  When you do this you will often feel better, but gradually like the sand through an hour glass, a sense of guilt and shame begins to pour back into your mind.  Before you know it, it has rubbed against your sub conscience and you begin to feel raw, exposed and vulnerable to criticism again.  To help defend and justify your actions you have to get more creative, defensive and angry and so the cycle goes on.

When you believe that you have no control over the situation, you begin to believe that you are powerless in the situation.  You seek and attract like minded people who agree with you and support you in your hopeless circumstances.  You start to believe what you are hearing, seeing, thinking and feeling.  You start to think that this is who you are, because everyone and everything around you continues to reinforce your false beliefs. 

It is hard to avoid the descriptive words that highlight the struggle, inequality, discrimination, racism, frustrations, failure, conflicts, violations and barriers that we all have so strongly come to identify with.

How many times have you bought a new car and then the next time when you're driving on the road, everywhere you look you see the exact same car as yours.  Now you and I both know that those great cars, just like yours, have always been there, the only difference is, before now you haven’t been looking for them.

So next time when you hear words that increase your sense of power, pride and self-determination.  Remember that you can embrace those great words and become more resilient, consistent, stronger, open to change and responsible for your actions.  You can take back control of the situation and look for solutions rather than excuses.   
You are in control and you can steer your life in which ever direction you choose.

Until next time, travel safely and enjoy your journey!

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