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Friday, December 30, 2011

Joy's 2011 Life Lessons in a Nutshell

Joy's 2011 Life Lessons in a Nutshell!

Everyone is given a second chance!

Everyone needs a good girlfriend!

No matter what, never ever quit!

Good things come to those who wait!

Art heals the heart!

Follow your dreams!

Laughter is the best medicine!

Always have a team spirit!

Give yourself permission for regular time-out!

Life is one big circle (Life-death-life)

Never miss the opportunity to catch up with family before it's too late!

Practice what you preach!

Life goes on!

Patience is a virtue!

There's always hope!

Art is in the eye of the beholder!

Let go of the past to heal the future!

Drugs and alcohol don't fool your problems, they only fuel them!

Culture heals!

Overcome your fears and do it anyway!

Disappointments are your choice!

Our bodies are the vehicles for our souls, so keep them well tuned!

Feed your soul regularly!

No excuses!

Time flys when you're having fun!

Hard work always gets noticed and rewarded!

To have a few close friends is better than a room full of strangers!

Quality time counts!

Give without expecting a return!

Love unconditionally!

Karma is inevitable!

Everyone needs to know where they come from!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Write straight from the heart!

Every cloud has a silver lining!

It's never as bad as you expect!

Don't make mountains out of mole hills!

Dreams really do come true!

God hears every prayer!

With every fall we must rise!

Giving is better than receiving!

Do something with the spiritual gifts you have been given.

What you do now sets the foundations for the future!

You will always reap what you sow!

Alcohol doesn't make a party... you do!

Never rely on other's to complete you!

There's always an option and choice!

There's always plenty of opportunity to learn!

If you don't succeed the first time, try, try and try again!

The seeds of self-confidence are planted by parents!

Money doesn't buy love or happiness!

Memories are made every minute ~ remember that!

Nothing can not be overcome once you make a decision!

Listen to life's whispers!

Life is too short!

Appreciate what you do have not what you don't have!

Everyone has a purpose in life!  What's yours?

Our bodies know how to heal themselves, they just need the right ingredients!

Big is not always best!

Gratitude is the attitude!

Disappointment makes victory all that much better!

So until the new year,  Joy!  :)

Quick look at Joy's Life during 2011

I can't believe that 2011 has nearly ended!  As tradition would have it at this time of the year I like to have a look over my past year, so hold on tight & come on my life's journey!  (If you want)

You will see that I have written down all of the things that I have done each month and then I go over them and remind myself of what I am grateful for.  At the end of my year I like to see what lessons I’ve learned along the way.  If you don't want to wade through all of the in's and out's of my year, you will find the summary at Joy's life in a nutshell 2011. Enjoy  :)
January 2011
Mum had 2nd cancerous tumour removed.
Out with the girls for Karaoke.  Good night had by all!
Submitted my manuscript "Finding the joy within" for the Stanner Award with AIATSIS (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies).
February 2011
Had a reflexology with my favorite friend Marilyn from Happy Feet Reflexology at Mawson Lakes.
Continued working with Marra Dreaming (Board of Management meeting).
Gave a speech at SA Link-Up to commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of National Apology Checkout my blog post 
Out with the Marra Dreaming girls, birthday dinner night!
Attended the 3rd Spirit Festival at Rymill Park - Adelaide.  My son Jordan sold his first ever dot painting.  Proud moment!
Did a reading from "Finding the joy within" at the Writer's Tent!
March 2011
Went to "Sista Act" play - Brilliant!  (My small b'day celebration)
Went to the Nunga Funnies at Tandanya, great turnout (again) lol!
Went to the Deadly Funnies at Tandanya.  Was OK!
This year it was my turn to go the to Clipsal 500 for the first time with the Marra Dreaming Girls.  BRILLIANT!!!  Am totally hooked!  Vrrroooom  vrrrooom!
Marra Dreaming mob at Clipsal 500
Went to Blak Nite 2011  (Hip-Hop) event for the young ones!  Adelaide's got some great talent 4 sure!
Started my long service leave so that I could spend some quality time with my mum!  Took 11 weeks - was worth every minute!
Mum and I watched my 14 yo son Jordan compete at his Eudunda Area School Sports Day!
April 2011
Mum started intravenous chemotherapy.
Jai started soccer training  and games for Andrews Farm Soccer Club!
I had a pampering beauty session at Elizabeth TAFE!  Ahhhh!
School holidays! Fun, Fun, Fun!
My little niece was born!
Lunch with my work team mates!  Even though on LS Leave I couldn't resist a catch-up!
Quiet Easter at home!
Had a devastating phone call that my brother that I was yet to meet had passed away!
May 2011
Lodged my manuscript for the Queensland (QLD) Literary Awards!
Went to a "Red Faces" funny night out with the girls!  Laughs all round!
Mothers Day - well that was an interesting lesson!
My 3 beautiful nieces and my great niece and nephew came down from QLD for a week to visit my Mum!
Keiths birthday - came and went.
Lovely lunch with a girlfriend at the "Watershed" in Salisbury!  Lovely feed and friendship and lots of unexpected laughs!
Attended a funeral of a dear writing friend who took her own life.  Inspired to keep on gardening and get my book published in her memory!
Undertook a exciting project at Marra Dreaming that is yet to be unveiled!
Massage for me!  Ahhh!
Speech at Tarndarnyanga - Adelaide for National Sorry Day speech.  Check out my blog post!
"Inner Scents"
Lodged my "Inner Scents" piece of art at the Tea Tree Gully Exhibition as part of Reconcilliation Week!
June 2011
Had Violets 5th birthday party!
Back to work!  Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work I go!
Violet started school!  Oh my last little baby is growing up.  ;(
Washing machine decided to take a long term break!  Ouch said the bank account!
Went to Coffs Harbour for my brothers Memorial Service!  Thank you SA Link-Up.
Attended the "2011 Alcohol and Tobacco and other drugs Aboriginal Workers Conference" at Barossa Novatel.  Very informative conference!
July 2011
Attended Lord Mayor’s Morning Tea and the 2011 NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Celebration) Awards and Flag Raising Ceremony.  
Attended Statewide women's health Aboriginal womens meeting with "Bilawara Lee".  Fantastic!
Violet graduated from Kindergarten!  Yehhh!
Attended the NAIDOC Ball this year with Keith (shock / horror) at Adelaide Festival Theatre.  Great entertainment and night!
School holidays yet again!  
Mum moved to my brothers!
“Our Metro Mob” exhibition was cancelled this year!  :(  My big project, still on the boil for another day!
August 2011
Started walking in the "Corporate Cup" again, once a fortnight for 12 weeks!  4.5km around the River Torrens!  Relaxing and healthy!
Attended UniSA Open Day!
Started attending Aboriginal Women's Leadership workshops through Relationships Australia!  Very helpful and insightful!
September 2011
Went to Geoffrey Gurrumul's Yunupingu's  concert at Thebarton Theatre with Keith!  A completely spiritual experience, highly recommend it to anyone.  A messenger sent straight from heaven!
Been a year since started going to Marra Dreaming.  Wow how time flys!
Mum came with us when we went to Jai's Andrews Farm Soccer Club and trophy presentation day!
October 2011
Jai’s 7th birthday – Small party at home with a few of his little school and soccer friends!  Followed by the AFL Grandfinal between the Geelong Cats and Collingwood!  Need I say who won?  Carn the CATS!  Yah!
Keith and kids - Goolwa Holiday
Keith and I took the 3 kids away to Goolwa for a little holiday!  
Helped mum through a rough patch and helped her move into a Nursing Home!
Jai met his big brother Gordy for the 1st time!
Attended a 1 week training workshop at the "Koolunga Aboriginal Writers Retreat".  Met some fantastic people and learnt sooooo much!  Thank you for this great writing opportunity Ali, you lit the fire in my belly again!
Submitted my manuscript "Finding the joy within" to the South Australian Wakefield Press Unpublished manuscript award!  (Still eagerly awaiting results).
Went to Semaphore beach with the family and Gordy and Lorelle!
November 2011
Attended Nunga's Writers Group meeting for the first time!
Attended funeral!
Soon to be in our naughty 40's
Caught up with my old school girlfriends for dinner and resolved to save up for a cruise in 2012 to celebrate our upcoming 40th birthdays!  Excellent night!

Me, Jazz and Lowitja!
Attended the "Long Walk Luncheon" on behalf of the Marra Dreaming team.  Got to have a photo with legendary Michael Long and icon Lowitja O'Donohue.

Mum's in hospital again.  :(
Attended Kaurna Plains 25th Anniversary celebrations!
Attended the Australian of the Year 2012 awards with Mr John Browne!  Very humbling experience, I witnessed that there are some completely dedicated individuals in this world who  give 100% without expectation of returns!  Amazing!
Attended my neighbours daughters 18th (alcohol free) Bday party!  Very different and fun experience, nice fun filled night!
Attended a family funeral.  :(  Sad sad day!
Was accepted and attended a 1 week "Curatorial Art Workshop".  Absolutely amazing learning and networking experience!  Brilliant and inspiring, kick started the desire to continue with my art work too!
Exhibited my "Inner Scents" painting again and this time it sold.  :)  Happy much!  lol!
Attended Violet's Reading Superstar Assembly with Mum!  What a proud moment for us all!
December 2011
Big Boy "Oliver"~ RIP
Lost our Big Boy Oliver our cat!  Most devastating day of the year!  I cried for a week!  
Took Jai to the Zoo with his Dad, Big brother, Lorelle and 2 of his new found little cousins. 
Woke up with THE WORST EVER back pain in my entire life!
Took my Mum to the kids Christmas Concert (despite unbearable pain)!  All the extended family came to watch Jai and his "shuffling" moves and Violet's ballet and singing!  Once again it was worth the world and more.  Thank you Universe for allowing me and my mum and family to share in this special little event!  
Found out that I had actually ruptured 2 discs in my back and had the most physically painful week in my entire life.  Thought that my life was over!  Was the biggest scare I've ever had.  Yes my life did flash before my eyes, I can hardly believe that I managed to get through it.  In retrospect I realised that every physical injury has an underlying emotional cause.  The next task was trying to work out what that was!  Think I've worked it out and am continuing to work through it and process it.  It really has become the focus of my life.  Sometimes when we don't hear life's little whispers it just pulls you straight up in your tracks with a SCREAMING HALT!  So take my advice and listen to the whispers!  Costs a whole lot less in the long run (in all aspects)  ~ trust me!  This experience got me to get in touch and to utilise every bit of advice I have ever given and ever preached, certainly an interesting experience - (she says now it's over).  lol!
Must also give credit to all of the alternative therapists that assisted in my recovery - Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, Ngankari (Traditional Aboriginal Healer), Reflexology, lots of water, vitamins and mineral replacement, anti-inflammatory foods and lots and lots of prayer! 
Mum in hospital again  :(
Due to my above temporary illness I missed 3 of my most looked forward to festive season events, my work Christmas party, Marra Dreaming Christmas party and my ISS work team Christmas dinner.  
Went to a small Christmas Carols event held at Marra Dreaming, organised by my close friend Mary Graham.  Lovely night with lovely company! 
Officially now on Christmas holidays and attended the SA Link-Up Family BBQ with Keith and the 3 kids at the Belair National Park.  What a beautiful event to finish off yet another very productive and insightful year.  Thank you SA Link-Up was once again reminded what my purpose in life is all about and will make it my new years resolution to help other people less fortunate than myself with their self healing.
Finally, finished off our year with a lovely little get away with the 3 kids again to Port Pirie.  Despite my earlier back injuries which by this stage were well and truly on the mend, we went bike riding, swimming and walking on the beach with the kids.  I realised from this trip that I love my life, I love my kids, I love my partner and I love my body and myself, most of all I love God!
Well that was the year that was, many lessons learned!  Check out Joy's 2011 Lesson in a Nutshell for my shortened version of insights!
Until next time  :)  Joy 

What's your goals for 2012?

With today being the eve of the new year for 2012 I thought I'd set some of my own goals and dig up last years post about "Goal Setting".

Did you know that the majority of people spend more time planning a holiday than they spend setting goals for the future?

Have you ever set goals in the past or have you thought about setting goals for the New Year, but just didn’t know where to start?

Well maybe today is the day!  As I said in my last blog “why put off tomorrow, what you can do today?”  So let’s set some goals together!

I have always had goals and I suspect, so have you, but I bet like most people you never actually wrote them down.  This is a really important aspect of goal setting and one that I will encourage you to actually do!

Now before we get started, I just wanted to point out why it is important to have goals.  So this next point might seem a bit left field, but stick with me and see where I’m travelling with it.

How many of you either play a sport or watch sports?  Football, netball, basketball or soccer?  What is the one common thing that each of these games have?  That’s right, they all have goals.  What would be the point of playing these games if there were no goals.  You wouldn’t know who was winning or how hard you needed to keep trying to reach your goal or even exceed your goal.  Therefore goals are important, they are the guide post that keep you on track and let you know how you’re going.

What's your goals for 2012?
Now there are many books, websites and professionals such as life coaches that are dedicated to helping you set and achieve your goals.  Sometimes these can be costly, so I am going to try and keep this basic, so that you actually can put these goals into action.

When setting goals, I think that it is important to not only have big goals that may take longer, but also lots of smaller goals that help you work towards achieving the bigger goals.

Often (but not always) bigger goals take longer to achieve, so it’s good to give yourself some more time to achieve those goals.  I find it easier to work from biggest back down to smallest goals.  So let’s break it down into 3 goals per time frame.  (you fill in the blanks).  You will notice I am using the words “I will” which I also referred to in my Gain or Loss post; this is because we need to call upon your “will power” to help achieve your goals.

Before I die
  • I will
  • I will
  • I will
In 20 years time (I will be 60 years old)
  • I will
  • I will
  • I will
In 10 years time (I will be 50 years old)
  • I will
  • I will
  • I will
In 5 years time  (I will be 45 years old)
  • I will
  • I will
  • I will
By the end of 2012 (I will be 40  years old)
  • I will
  • I will
  • I will
By the end of January 2012
  • I will
  • I will
  • I will
By the end of this week
  • I will
  • I will
  • I will
By the end of today
  • I will
  • I will
  • I will
Now you still might be sitting there reading and thinking I still have no idea what areas of my life I want to improve.  Well to help you work on this, you can approach it in two ways.

1.         What areas of your life do you want to improve from 2011?
2.         What areas of your life do you currently value?

When thinking about these questions, also remember that often our lives are affected holistically.  This means, that when we have a healthy mind, body and spirit, we think, feel and act so much better.

So under each time frame heading, set one goal for each area of your life (mind, body, spirit)

For example:

By the end of today
  • I will read a chapter of a book = MIND
  • I will do 30 minutes of stretching exercises = BODY
  • I will spend 10 minutes in quiet meditation = SPIRIT
How will you know if it is a mind, body or spirit goal?

Mind goals are things that make your think, get your brain working such as reading, writing, blogging, internet surfing, crosswords, card games, board games, sewing, knitting, talking with others, watching a documentary, scrap-booking, playing, listening to music, painting, singing or acting. (please beware of gaming as these sometimes deaden your mind instead of stimulate it)

Body goals are usually anything that takes physical effort and energy.  Any of the above sports that I already mentioned or swimming, walking, bike riding, table tennis, boxing, golfing or playing darts are also great body goals.

Spiritual goals are very wide and varied.  I want you to remember that this is a very individual goal and basically anything that “makes your heart sing”.  If your heart is singing then you have found your spiritual goal.  So find your most favourite thing in the world to do and just do it!  It’s usually something that you love doing and you loose track of time when you’re doing it. 

The last thing that I want to bring to your awareness, is that most things in this world are better shared.  So share your goals with others and make yourself accountable.   Think about how these goals will impact others in your life and remember that sometimes “less is more”.

So here’s to a prosperous and Happy New Year so until next time!  Enjoy!