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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oprah's coming to Oz

Did you know that it is exactly 2 weeks today, until Oprah Winfrey will be hosting her show at the Sydney Opera House? I sure am excited and can feel the anticipation rising around the nation.  Stuff the Christmas shopping I'm focused on shopping for tickets.

Even though today’s blog might seem to have drifted away from my story, I will try my hardest to still capture your attention and show you how this is still part of my publishing journey. 

Now according to the official Oprah website it was announced that there will now be 2 shows on Tuesday 14 December 2010.  Oprah’s production company, Harpo Productions, announced that tickets for the show would be “randomly” drawn via a ballot/lottery process and I believe that there will be seating for about 12,000 people.  I am not sure if this includes her 300 audience guests that she is bringing from America.  Apparently 350,000 people have already applied to see Oprah.  So there will be a lot of disappointed fans.

I would, however, be interested to know what proportion of the audience will be Aboriginal Australians?  Considering that 2.5% of the Australian population identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, I think that it would be reasonable to expect at least 300 tickets allocated for ATSI guests.  Surely!

To register for the lottery there was only a few days window of opportunity and that has now well and truly  closed for Oprah Show tapings in Sydney, Australia.  I know that the tickets for the random ballot have already been drawn and announced and I only know of one proud black woman who won a ticket.    

Dr Anita Heiss our own Indigenous author, poet, satirist, social commentator a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation of central New South Wales.  Check out her blog about the moment she realised she had tickets to Oprah’s show and yes I too was envious!
So if you are still determined to be in the audience or on the Australian Oprah’s show what things can you still do?

My first and foremost advice is to never ever quit!  

The next piece of advice it to use Oprah’s own advice and believe in “The Secret”, which is the Law of Attraction or ultimately the Law of Love. (see my previous post on this blog). Know that if you want something in your life then you can draw it into your life.   This is dependent on the way you think, which creates your reality.

So see it in your minds eye, meaning, visualisation.  When we can think and feel like we are already in possession of something, then it becomes an emotion, which pushes our subconscious mind into action to help attract situations that create our reality.  

When I first heard that Oprah was coming to Australia I felt like bursting with pride as I was sure that I was personally responsible for her making that decision.  So I will admit it everyone, it was me and my thinking that attracted Oprah to our shores  ;)  True!

People who know me well already knew that one of my goals is to sit right on the couch next to Oprah on her stage.  So when it was announced that she was coming down under I nearly jumped out of my skin.

Me and Oprah - 14 December 2010
Even though I’ve set a goal, I must explain that there is a step before you set the goal and that is knowing the “why” you want to achieve something.  Once you know the “why” the “how” takes care of itself.  I knew why I wanted to achieve all of the things in my life to date and yes the how did take care of itself.

Now as Oprah says, the rest is up to me.   We should all repeat;

“I am responsible for my own life,” 

This is called an affirmation, which can really assist in so many areas of your life.  You should make up your own and put them somewhere you will see them every day.  Like on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror or a less appealing place may be on the back of the toilet door.   

So let’s break it down;

Step 1:  Ask yourself, why do you want to achieve this goal?
Step 2:  Set your goal.  Use your “will” power to do this.
Step 3:  Visualise it and believe it.  Have faith it will happen.  “I know it’s on it’s way”
Step 4:  Feel as though it’s already happened.  Feel what it feels like to be there or have it.  Use all of your senses.  Sight, sound, smell, feel and taste.
Step 5:  Take continuous action and be persistent, refuse to quit.
Step 6:  Help others along the way.  What you send out comes back to you tenfold.
Step 7:   Be grateful for everything that you already have.  Gratitude is the attitude. 

Ways to get to the show:

1.  You can apply to “Be on the show – Tell us your story” - The Oprah Winfrey Show is looking for guests! Find out what topics and shows they are still looking for guests and tell them your story. You could be featured on the show!

2.  Go on the 7pm Project website and explain in 50 words why you want to get free tickets.  You do have to register with Channel 10 though.  http://7pmproject.com.au/oprah.htm

3.  Austereo’s Today is joining with Channel 10 and local radio stations to give away Oprah tickets.  Check out the details at http://www.throng.com.au/oprah/network-tens-oprah-show-ticket-giveaway

Remember ~ what you believe you can achieve! ~ Stay focused and be persistent!

I'd love to hear any of your success stories on achieving your personal goals and any tips that you have that will help others achieve their goals.

Joy  :)

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  1. Hi Everyone, Remember I'd love to hear any of your success stories on achieving your personal goals and any tips that you have that will help others achieve their goals.