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Congratulations and welcome to friends, family and others who have found something of interest in my blog. The reason that I have created this blog is to share some of my experiences regarding my own journey of writing and publishing my autobiography. I am really excited and motivated about this whole process. I hope that what I write about is interesting to you and thank you for your encouragement and support.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Where in the world have you been?

Oh my goodness, it's been way too long between catch-ups. I've just realised that it's actually nearly been a year since my last post on here.  So I thought it's time to let everyone know where in the world I've been.  I even missed my annual nutshell moments, so yes I apologise for my slackness. 

So what has been happening for the past couple of years. Well I've basically been licking my wounds for the past 2 years and know that it's time to dig myself out of the trench that I've found myself in and it's time to shine once again.

It's been 2 years since my mum passed away and since then a lot of changes have occurred in my life.  Looking back I can see that 2012 was the most trying year I've yet seen, but it has definitely been onwards and upwards since then.  I turned 40, had a big reunion with old friends, continued to do some art work, started a new facebook page and concentrated on my business Change of Art, Mind and Body.

By 2013 I was really ready for change.  So by April 2013, I left my secure long-term permanent position and ventured out into the supposedly unsafe seas of society.  I started working part-time in schools, which freed up some time for me to work in  my own home-based holistic healing business. Having this freedom was really what my soul needed at the time and due to my openness and thirst for knowledge and healing I attracted many other like minded individuals that helped me to take this new journey together. I managed to travel on an adventure with my new found soul sisters to Melbourne "You Can Do It" conference which delivered an amazing array of guest speakers and provided an an immeasurable shift in energy.   

From this moment I spring boarded into the decision to travel around Australia with my once again strengthen little family.  So we hooked up the caravan, took along the cats and dog and rented the house out and off we set, planning to never return to Adelaide.  Well some of that did occur, but since indeed have returned to Adelaide, but not as the same people who had originally left.  I can not begin to capture the best time that we had while travelling.  We were in actual fact only gone for 10 weeks, but it did feel like a life time.  We traveled from Adelaide, Uluru, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, Mount Isa, Townsville, Mackay, Bundaburg, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and back to Adelaide.  There are just too many photo's to share, but it was a magical time and I once again grew immensely from this experience.

So 2014 began and I gained another part-time position back in my children's school and loved every minute of it.  I was in my element working one-on-one with young Aboriginal students teaching them how to strengthen their reading skills. I later got to work with another student who had been disengaged from school.  I loved this relationship building too.  From the 2nd half of the year I once again stumbled across an opportunity to change directions again and I actually was encouraged to finally after 20 years register as a teacher and work as a counsellor in a school.  I did do this and it was very rewarding.   

I've now found myself taking a slightly different direction and am about to start working part-time in yet another area that is somewhat new to me.  I'm excited and apprehensive, but know that I fully trust in life and the direction that it, without question is safely guiding me.  

Since I have left the safe harbours, I know within myself that I have continuously been challenged by circumstances that are beyond my control and that is really what I've had to come to realise.  We believe that if we set goals and plan and put things into place that it will all work out just as we visualised.  What I've actually learned from experience is that I am not truly the captain of this ship, I am really just another sailor that is going along for the ride.  Along the way the sea's have been rough at times but it's how I've managed to ride the waves that has been what the experience has ultimately taught me.  

So the point of all this jibber jabber is that just keep doing what your doing.  Yes put your plans into place loosely, but don't get disappointed if everything doesn't work out exactly as you've thought they would.  Be flexible, go with the flow and know that there is truly a force beyond your control that has your back and won't let you down, as long as your let go of your expectations and learn from the lessons that are purposely been delivered directly to your doorstep.

And ultimately "Do what makes you happy!"

So until next time.  Hopefully before 2 more years have passed.  Get out and travel the world, you'll be nicely surprised at what you will find.

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