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Monday, June 17, 2013

What a relief to release

Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride and been hanging on for grim death?

I find it amusing that some people actually get a kick out of repeatedly doing this to themselves.  Putting themselves in this predicament must give them pleasure after the momentary pain.  When you seriously think about it, I don’t know anyone who openly invites pain on a daily basis into their lives.  Why would they? 

Yet sometimes life is just like this roller coaster and we grab hold of something, anything to try and find some stable ground.  Sometimes we hang on longer than is required and even though the ride has stopped we often still haven’t released our grasp.

I specifically didn't say “let go” because to use the term suggests that it was something that was ours, therefore we need to hold on to it.  When in fact nothing in this world is ours.  We are just passing through it, as is everyone else and in fact every thing else too. 

Yes we love to gather things like bower-birds, attracted to bright colours and sparkling things that make us feel warm and fuzzy and happy.  But do they really bring you the pleasure that you imagined would occur in your fantasy world.  When in reality you have to find a place to house them, you have to dust them, clean them, move them, shine them and polish them up again when they no longer sparkle. 

They no longer bring the pleasure that once enticed you to bring them home to display like prized possession on your mantle piece.  Now you feel so attached that you can’t release them.  It’s like they have become part of you and help you distinguish who you are.  Without them you are nothing.  But is this really the truth?  Of course not, because if you finally decided that you wanted to release them then you could do just that, filled with love.  If you remind yourself that they were never yours and you were never their owner then you would happily release them to travel the next part of the journey. 

The minute you realize what a relief it is to release, you will no longer feel the need to continually collect, possess and obsess.   

So give yourself a gift and release what you no longer need in your life and set yourself free. 

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Until next time, stay deadly!  :)

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