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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hate to love!

How many times have you heard yourself saying “I really hate it when ……”

I remember when growing up my mum always told me that “hate” was a very strong word and to be careful whenever I used it.  I can honestly say that I don’t hate anyone, but sometimes I think that I hate what they DO, not who they are! 

In the past week I have held 2 new born babies and when I looked into both of their precious little eyes, I knew in my heart of hearts, that there is no such thing as an evil baby, a devil child or a hateful, revengeful, angry, bitter bone in their bodies.  When we are born, we are pure love, no matter what circumstances may have lead to our creation and being ness. 

If we are not born to hate, then hate must be a learned behaviour.  Just as we learn to eat, crawl, walk and talk, we also learn what we like and dislike.  This is all based on our personal experiences or what the people we love tell us from their experiences.

In most dictionaries hate is described as “to DISLIKE intensely or passionately”.    It therefore makes sense that the opposite of hate is love.  Hence, we “LIKE something intensely or passionately.”  

So what are some of the things that we have LEARNED to hate.  Throughout our lives we constantly use our senses to help guide us in our learning.  We are always reacting to how something tastes, feels, sounds, looks or smells.  Some of these things will make us feel good and some of these things will make us feel bad.  All of these experiences are sent to our MEMORY bank and stored for future reference.  These memories are later grouped together with other life lessons and an overall personal judgement is made.

Usually when we come to the conclusion that we strongly don’t like (hate) something, this is based on an accumulation of all of these bad experiences and this decision is intensified when combined with other people’s bad experiences. 

Usually when we don’t like (hate) something we are silently saying that we are quite scared of it.  This is commonly known as FEAR. 

Now the problem is, sometimes FEAR is just;


So before you come to the conclusion that you hate someone or something, perhaps you might want to come back to your SENSES and ask yourself is this TRUE or FALSE!

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