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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Am I happy

How many of you regularly ask yourself “Am I happy?”

Do you cruise through life thinking, I wish I was happier? 

Do you even know what happiness is?

I bet you have a huge list of things that you know make you happy and feed your spirit.  Some of these make you happy right now and some of these are on a wish list of “things to do” that will make you happy later.

Some are free and some cost a lot of money.  Some may take a little while, yet others may take a lot of time and effort. 

I’m sure you would agree that no one knows you better than yourself.  So it makes sense that YOU know, what makes you happy.  However, if this were so true, then why are you still asking yourself “Am I happy?”

I have pondered this question and searched relentlessly for the answer, but it wasn’t until I opened a book called “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren that I realised that “It’s not all about me!”  Shock, horror! 

Up until that point in my life, I had attended a million self-focused workshops that were completely aimed at improving my level of self-esteem, self-satisfaction, self-worth, self-determination and self-happiness.  At the end of all of these workshops I always walked out feeling very self-inflated.  However, looking back, I can now see that the one thing that these workshops helped me to become was very SELF-ISH!

Now hang on a minute I hear you screaming!  I  I  I  I  I!   Yes that’s right, Rick Warren was right and yes life really isn’t about you!  (or me).  What I’ve since discovered is that the greatest happiness in life actually comes when we take the focus off ourselves and meet the needs of others. 

When we can unconditionally love, forgive, share and help others FIRST then amazing things begin to happen in our own lives.

When we put our own needs first we are FORE-getting before we FORE-give.

How many of you are prepared to give without expecting anything in return?

Do you have an attitude of gratitude?  Are you thankful for everything you receive?  Do you help others before you help yourself? 

I challenge you to honestly spend 1 week putting others needs and wants first.  This needs to be done without any resentment or expectation of rewards in return.  Then wait patiently and see what flows back to you.   I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised and this will undoubtedly make you happy.

Until next time!  Are you up to the challenge? 



  1. Hi Danielle,

    Glad you enjoyed this one on "Am I happy"! Any requests for my next post? All suggestions warmly welcomed. ;)